LAREDO — After a long and hard-contested campaign, the people of Webb County spoke loud and clear, and swept Tano Tijerina to the Democratic nomination for Webb County Judge, Tuesday, March 4.

The final vote tally showed Tano with 17,514 votes, or 65% of the votes cast in the primary, versus 9,296 for two time incumbent Danny Valdez, or 35%. Tano received more votes than any Webb County candidate in a contested race.

We are humbled by this incredible victory and thank all of our tireless volunteers, supporters and the people of Webb County for this opportunity to serve.

Tano faces the Green Party candidate in the November General Election.

It’s time for Tano!

Honest Leadership for the County Judge’s Office!

It’s time we elected a County Judge who is dedicated to public service; a County Judge who is honest enough to do the right thing, even if it’s not always the most popular thing. It’s time for Tano!

  • It’s time to WORK TOGETHER!
    For too many years, the County Judge’s office has done little to create a REAL working relationship with the City of Laredo. As a result, we now have hundreds of Webb County families at risk.
  • It’s time to TIGHTEN OUR BELTS!
    Webb County has not had a truly balanced budget for nearly eight years, yet political appointments and “favors for friends” continue to drain our resources. Meanwhile, countywide services are suffering. Families are without clean water, fire protection and public health services.
  • It’s time to KEEP OUR PROMISES!
    It’s easy to make promises when you’re running for office. But it’s often very hard to deliver “pie in the sky.” Our children and grandchildren should not have to pay for our inability to follow through today. When Commissioner’s Court makes a decision, the County Judge should make sure those decisions are followed. It’s time OUR County Judge did.

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It’s TIME!

Join Us

It’s time! Our community is poised for a great future. But our greatest need is leadership in the County Judge’s office.
With your vote and trust I will take the helm and lead us down the road to a prosperous future and a better Webb County!
Please participate in this critical campaign: give generously of your time and resources; join us on social media and help spread the word; ask all of your friends and family members to take part in our campaign. And above all, make sure your voice is heard on Election Day.

Please join us on the road to a better Webb County!

With respect,


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